February 1, 2012

Emergent Scholarship in Spanish and Portuguese: Common Ground Publishing Spain

Common Ground Publishing

In the first six months of 2012, Common Ground Publishing Spain (CGES) published the first issues of the Revista Internacional de Tecnología, Conocimiento y Sociedad, the Revista Internacional de Humanidades, and the Revista Internacional de Economía y Gestión de las Organizaciones. CGES also published two book collections, one in in Science and Society: A contracorriente. Un análisis crítico por científicos sobre cómo se hacen la física y la astronomía and the other in Technology, Knowledge and Society: Techné: la filosofía y el sentido de la técnica.

A contracorriente. Un análisis crítico por científicos sobre cómo se hacen la física y la astronomía, edited by Martín López Corredoira and Carlos Castro Perelman, critically analyzes the problems of the formal–and sometimes illegal–mechanisms under which current science, particularly physics and astronomy, is being administered and filtered in our time, along with the unpleasant consequences of these mechanisms. The authors (Martin Lopez Corredoira, Carlos Castro Perelman, Juan Miguel Bell, Brian Martin, Wolfgang Kundt, J. Marvin Herndon, Marian Apostol, Halton C. Arp, Tom Van Flandern, Andrei P. Kirilyuk, Dmitri Rabounski and Henry H. Bauer ), all professional researchers, express a pessimistic view of the miseries of the present system, while holding on to the silver lining promised by the leitmotif of freedom in research, which could enable researchers to achieve an acceptable level of ethics in science.

Techné: la filosofía y el sentido de la técnica by Ignacio Quintanilla offers a broad and suggestive treatment of the philosophy of technology, which is one of the major challenges of contemporary thought and a major theme submerged within the entirety of twentieth-century philosophy. Wittgenstein, Husserl, Heidegger, Dewey, Gadamer, Benjamin–all great contemporary philosophical production pivots more or less on an awareness of the technical condition of the human being and the sense of technological change. The relationship between technology and philosophy has played a key role in Western culture since the beginning of philosophical thought in ancient Greece and is crucial to understanding not only the technological changes taking place in society, but also the history of philosophy. This book will be of benefit people with specific expertise as well as any general reader interested in the subject of deep cultural value.

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