April 26, 2012

Scholar Learning Environment Beta Release

Common Ground Publishing

In mid-June, the Scholar learning environment’s beta was released. Grounded in the research of internationally renowned education experts Bill Cope and Mary Kalantzis, Scholar is the student work space of the future: web-based, social, and offering rich formative assessment to support learners.

Designed for approximately Grade 4 to 12 and beyond, Scholar supports active knowledge making and creative thinking—for writing narratives, arguments, and information texts. More than this, with its multi-modal capacity to include images, video and audio, Scholar supports learners in representing their knowledge in a variety of ways in a broad range of subjects.

Scholar is a new way to think, read, write, and learn for a digital age that is increasingly global, connected, diverse, information-intensive, and always changing. Unlike tests of old, Scholar offers different kinds of rich, formative feedback, so that all assessment is “for learning” and not just “of learning.”

Scholar was developed in partnership with a research team led by Bill Cope at the University of Illinois College of Education. It has been developed with the support of grants from the U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences.

To learn more about Scholar, click here. If you’d like to give Scholar a try for free with a basic account, click here.

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