Common Ground is setting new standards of rigorous academic knowledge creation and scholarly publication. Each of our knowledge communities has its own book series, exploring in depth the issues represented by that knowledge community.

Our sole criterion for publication is intellectual quality, evaluated through stringent peer review processes. If your book is a brilliant contribution to a specialist area of knowledge but will only serve a small intellectual community, we still want to publish it. If it is expansive and has a broad appeal, we want to publish it too, but only if it is of the highest intellectual quality.

We welcome proposals or completed manuscript submissions of: 

  • Individually and jointly authored books
  • Edited collections addressing a clear, intellectually challenging theme
  • Re-issued, out-of-copyright classics with new scholarly introductions
  • Ph.D. dissertations or other theses, rewritten to conform more closely to the ‘book’ genre
  • Collections of papers published in our journals

In this last case, editorial selection can occur after the conference or a group of authors may first wish to organize a colloquium at the conference to test the ideas in this broader intellectual context.

Books should be between 30,000 words and 150,000 words in length. They will be published simultaneously in print and electronic formats.

To publish a book, either send us a completed manuscript for review or a proposal including:

  • Title
  • Author(s)/editor(s)
  • Back-cover blurb
  • Table of contents
  • Author bionote(s)
  • Any marketing or promotional ideas you might have intended audience and a brief description of the broader significance of the work
  • Sample chapters or completed manuscript
  • A manuscript submission date