Hybrid Open Access

Common Ground Journals are offered on a Hybrid Open Access model. This is a new development in scholarly publishing, increasingly offered by both university presses and well-known commercial publishers.

Hybrid Open Access means that some articles are available only to subscribers, while others are made available at no charge to anyone searching the web. Authors pay an additional fee for the open access option. They may do this because open access is a requirement of their research funding agency. Or they may do it so that non-subscribers can access their article for free. There are still considerable benefits for paying subscribers, because they can access all articles in the journal, from both current and past volumes, without any restrictions. But making your paper available at no charge increases its visibility and accessibility and thus potential readership.

Institutional Open Access

Institutional Open Access allows faculty and graduate students to submit articles to Common Ground journals for unrestricted open access publication. These articles then become freely and publicly available to the whole world through our hybrid open access infrastructure. With Institutional Open Access, instead of the author paying a per-article open access fee, institutions pay a set annual fee that entitles their students and faculty to attend Common Ground conferences and publish a given number of open access articles in Common Ground’s peer reviewed academic journals.

Spanish-English and English-Spanish Translation Service

Common Ground Publishing provides a translation service for those authors who, having passed the peer review in one of our English language journals, also want to publish their papers in the equivalent Spanish language journal. This translation service is also available for the opposite case: authors who want to publish their papers from the Spanish language journal to the English language journal. In this way we offer the authors the possibility of reaching a much wider audience beyond their native language, reaching Common Ground's commitment towards full internationality, multiculturalism, and multilingualism. All translations are done by certified professional translators with several years of experience, who are highly educated, and have excellent writing skills. The translation service is available for both journals and books.

Editing Services

Common Ground offers editing services for authors who would like to have their work professionally edited. Authors may request editing services prior to the initial submission of their article or book for peer review or after the review process. In some cases, reviewers may recommend that an article or book be edited as a condition of publication.

Chicago Manual of Style Conversion Services

Common Ground journals require the use of the sixteenth edition of the Chicago Manual of Style for all submitted articles. We are pleased to offer a conversion service for authors who may have used a different scholarly referencing style in an article they now wish to submit for publication consideration. For a modest fee, we will convert your citations to follow the Chicago Manual of Style guidelines. Please contact us for more information.